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“My theory it is that I’d rather spend 20% of my budget on data and feel good about targeting the other 80%, than spend 100% blindly, not knowing if my media buys are doing anything – that would keep me up night.” -- Matt Clement / Arrivalist

It's becoming more and more critical to the success and relevancy of Destination Marketing. With every dollar on the line, we have to know how to make them count. As someone once said, "it doesn't matter how well you say the wrong thing." To design the right message, you have to understand today's unique and diverse consumer. And that's where DMOvizion comes in...

DMOvizion provides marketing professionals a moment-to-moment window into their target markets' psyches. Using the Perception Analyzer system, we can reveal frame-by-frame and word-by-word what parts of your video and message resonate...and which ones leave your target flat. 

Our clients identify a target market (for example, we've tested video in Atlanta, Columbus, DC, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Charlotte and Toronto, to name a few). Then, they identify their target demographics and psychographics (such as Moms with kids under 10 with a household income over $75,000 that like beach vacations). And, they supply us with the creative they want tested. Terri then works with top focus group recruiters to identify and recruit targeted consumers to join us and share their opinions independently from others in the room with the Perception Analyzer "Dials."

Click this sample video to see how a 2011 TV spot for Visit Myrtle Beach resonated with a target demo.


As you can see, the spot comes out of the gate strongly, but falters with Atlanta Moms (the yellow line) during scenes of jet skis, zip lines and evening entertainment. Scenes depicting kids and family, on the other hand score exceptionally well. 

Over the past five years, Visit Myrtle Beach has been able to boost the average likability of their TV spots over 15% points by knowing how to enhance their spots from season to season.

And, it's not just testing commercials. Indeed, it's about testing "b-roll" BEFORE you go to Post-Production, saving time and money by knowing what shots to keep...and what scenes to drop.

In this example, our client wanted to test which aerial shots would produce the highest “wow factor” for their upcoming campaign.


In testing the three aerial beach shots in the first 15 seconds, the first two score exceptionally well (and are being utilized). However, the shot of the man on the deck at sunset, which was a favorite of staff and the creative team, fell short of expectations. When we asked the Focus Group of Philly Moms why they rated this particular scene low, they said, “he looks lonely.” While we had to chuckle…we also had to admit that thought had never occurred to us before testing the reel.

Likewise, shots of a marina, golf courses and the boardwalk score poorly...and are no longer being utilized. Indeed, while all these shots were stunningly photographed, it required DMOvizion to pick out the scenes that would inadvertently cause a disconnect with the viewer.

Intrigued? Call Terri to discuss how DMOvizion can make your commercials and videos sizzle.