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Mobile: Impact on Destination Marketing

Presentation by Chris Adams of Miles Media

Click here to download the pdf Global Index of DMOs
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Brewery Tourism

Presentation by Jennifer Francioni Kraftchick, Erick T Byrd, Bonnie Canzini and Nancy J Gladwell at STS

Who knew? Brewery Tourism.  CLICK HERE to download the pdf of the presentation at STS.
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State of the American Traveler: July 2014

by Destination Analysts

Destination Analysts' semi-annual review of the state of American's view of travel. Along with the current attitudes of U.S. travelers, there is deep data on generational attitudes and the use of technology by today's tourist. Click HERE to download the PDF.

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Fact or Folly: A Review of "Convention Center Follies" by Heywood Sanders

by Thomas and John Hazinski

Heywood Sanders has been a frequent critic of Convention Center development as a community and economic development strategy, recently writing a book on the subject called "Convention Center Follies." In this review, Thomas and John Hazinski counter Sanders' blanket dismissal of convention center development with statistics and experience in the field. Click HERE to download the PDF.

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Reviews, Reputation & ROI: Getting the Most out of TripAdvisor

Presentation by Steve Paganelli at the 2014 North Dakota Tourism Conference

Consumer Reviews are a huge part of consumers' decision process, TripAdvisor's Steve Paganelli offers tips on how DMO pros can improve their destination's image (and ROI) through TripAdvisor's tools. You can view the presentation deck HERE.

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