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Welcoming Chinese Visitors: Are you China Ready?

Presentation by Jason Pacheo from the 2013 Hawaii Tourism Conference

Learn about the cultural and travel style of the Chinese consumer in this presentation deck from Jason Pacheo of BRC Marketing from the 2013 Hawaii Tourism Conference.

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Getting to Know the Korean Market

Presentation by David Ruch (Chair of Visit USA: Korea Committee) at the 2013 Hawaii Tourism Conference

David Ruch shares cultural and consumer intel on the Korean traveler that travels internationally. Click HERE to view his slides from the 2013 Hawaii Tourism Conference.

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Getting to Know the French Market

Presentation by Express Conseil at the 2013 Arizona Tourism Conference

Get to know the interests and buying statistics of the French travel consumers in this presentation by Express Conseil. You can view the slides HERE.

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Getting to Know the Brazilian Market

Presentation by Global Vision Access to the 2013 Arizona Governor's Conference on Tourism

An in-depth view into the cultural, interests and habits of Brazilian consumers. Click HERE to view the slides.

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Digital Travel Trends: From Dreaming to Booking

2013 Presentation from Nikki Burmaster, Carol Quinn & Karsh Hagan at the Colorado Tourism Conference

Need a refresher on how important Digital and Mobile already is…and will continue to be? You can view the statistics from this trios presentation HERE.

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