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A Brilliant TV Campaign

WacvbAs we noted in yesterday's Z-News Commentary, the political attacks on Destination Marketing Organizations have erupted like an algae bloom on a hot summer's day over the past year. And, the lack of an effective pushback is usually a result of politicians that don't understand the critical importance of what we do. And, that's on us.

Honestly, how would most elected leaders know that Destination Marketing is one of the few programs that generates more tax revenue than it consumes? Most have never gone to school to learn how to operate a government. And yet, there they are...running our cities, counties and States. So, it's up to us to educate them.

Which is just what the Wisconsin Association of CVBs is doing with a new 60 second TV spot that aired throughout the State in late May and early June. It's no secret that it's running during the debate over the State budget...but, this message isn't just for politicians. It's for everyone to better understand, appreciate and support tourism as an economic and quality of life generator.

It's a powerful message...but even cooler how WACVB made this happen. The organization and 18 of its members helped fund the buy through the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association's Public Education Program on 22 TV stations (and 170 radio stations). The WBA matches the core buy 4-1. And, the Wisconsin Dells VCB's marketing agency, Boelter & Lincoln, generously donated their time to produce the spots.

Positively brilliant.

Congratulations to all that contributed to this stellar effort. It's a great model that we'd love to see replicated in every State.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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