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A Miracle Moment

MoiSo many of the pilgrimages travelers make are to historic sites that commemorate the loss of life. Battlefields, terror and holocaust sites, and places where other horrible events occurred seem to hold a real magnetism for many of us.

I'm not immune...and have stood on the spot where the British came ashore in 1814 on their way to capture Washington DC and torch the White House. I shivered at the thought of walking through the over 22,000 ghosts of Antietam. And, I payed my respects at Ground Zero.

Last night, however, the goosebumps were for a different I stood in the hockey arena that hosted the game that was to become the "The Miracle on Ice." Along with over 150 others attending the Empire State Tourism Conference, I marveled at how small the arena actually is. 7,700 seats with no balcony (indeed, no second balcony). I've watched High School hockey in bigger venues.

But, it sure looked bigger and louder in 1980 when Team USA beat the previously invincible Soviets. I remember watching that game like it was yesterday...and standing in the place where history was made without a loss of life last night was sweet.

Thanks to my friends at the New York State Tourism Industry Association for a great conference...and a goosebump filled walk through Memory Lane.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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