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A New Way to Govern

FluxSometimes we get so mired in our own muck that it's hard to consider other options. The current state of Politics in America is one such hotbed of mud.

And, because the system is so rigged and the media so complicit, the third party candidacy of Gary Johnson last year never got any traction. So, we end up with an even bigger shitshow than we started with.

What I love about Futurist Rebecca Ryan is, well, that she's a futurist. She is constantly searching for signs of the next big things. Which is why I subscribe to her newsletter (you should, too).

In her last missive, she hipped her readers to a new political party in Australia that is based upon the same issues we have in America. From the website:

"Our politicians say one thing to get elected and then do another. Horse trading and back room deals have become more important than good policy, and the will of the people. Powerful lobby groups, and international corporations wield enormous political power, while ordinary Australians have little meaningful say in their country."

But the people behind Flux have an answer. By using real time communication technology, their goal to run candidates who agree to be bound by the online votes on issues by their constituents...not backroom deals or payoffs. What a concept.

Americans loved Paul Hogan. There's a lot to love in Flux...if anyone in America is watching.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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