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Amazing What a Few Lights Can Do

LexparkYears ago, I stood with my former college roommate on the shores of the Cuyahoga River in the entertainment district known as "The Flats" in Cleveland. My jaw was pretty clearly hanging as I watched the long-abandoned cranes and other rusting remnants of decades of its industrial port legacy glow in a revolving dance of reds, blues, ambers and greens. These eyesores had become mesmerizing art by placing gigantic color wheels underneath each one (super-sized versions of what people used in the 60's under their aluminium Christmas trees).

It was my first real recognition of the power of lighting to make unattractive or industrial parts of a destination shine at night. Since then, of course, a lot of destinations have up-lighted bridges, boardwalks, boat harbors and more.

But, I've never seen a Parking Deck as sensationally lighted as the one we saw on a recent trip to Lexington KY (click image to enlarge).

Really, with low-cost LED lighting, how hard (or expensive) would this be for any community to brighten their destination's nights? And, regardless the cost...imagine the ROI of flipping your downtown into a place people want to be every evening.

Well, played Lexington. Here's hoping 2018 is the year more of us "get lit." 

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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