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As We Approach Labor Day

JiobsMost of the American High Holidays have lost their meaning. Presidents Day...when so many don't know anything about Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln? Memorial Day...when so many only see it as the start of summer? Labor Day...when so many only see it as the end of summer?

So...let's talk about Labor Day. A day that was set aside in 1894 to celebrate the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of the country. And what job has produced the highest peak salary? Yeah...the one that most people look down upon. 

A study from the US Travel Association reveals that Americans whose first job was in a travel-related industry obtain an average career salary of $81,900—significantly higher than those whose first jobs were in manufacturing, construction, healthcare and most other U.S. industries.. Nearly 40 percent of workers who began their career in travel reached an annual career salary in excess of $100,000. The travel industry also offers a statistically better career starting point for Americans with less education: workers with a high school degree or less whose first jobs were in travel reached an average career salary of $69,500, five percent greater than the average salary attained by workers who started off in other industries.

For those that think that travel and hospitality jobs are low-pay, no-benefit and not worthy?

Yeah...think again.


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