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Back to Yesterday

RoyOne of my mentors in the Destination Marketing sector famously walked away from targeting Motorcoaches in the early 1990s, saying that the market was dying (literally). Over the next few years, a number of DMOs that also looked to her for their cues followed suit. Seven or eight years later, she called me, giggling to herself, to tell me she was jumping back into the Motorcoach market.

"It would be a shame to let all that low hanging fruit go to waste," she laughed, noting that the competition was next to non-existent since other DMOs in her State had followed her lead and had vacated the playing field.

That's kind of what I'm hearing in today's "Monday Morning Memo" from Roy Williams in which he suggests that smart marketers are "falling out of love with Social Media and SEO." Instead, he says, they are turning back to broadcast TV and Radio, among other tactics.

Now, let's be clear. Roy has made his millions on the back of insanely effective use of Radio. And, while I don't believe everything he says...I never bet against him.'s baaaack.

Bill Geist

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