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Based on your Purchases...

VerizonPopularized by Amazon, which, through data analytics, really does know what you like to buy, the whole concept of suggesting further purchases based upon past has become very vogue.

And, for companies that lack a clue, totally off-putting.

Etsy is particularly annoying, sending me regular suggestions for a product category from which I once searched. Which is fine, if I hadn't bought one already. Yet, they know I have.

Today, I received this missive from Verizon: "Based on your purchases, we think you'll like the Samsung Tab E (8.0) in Black."

Based upon my purchases?

If it has a screen (other than TVs), I have never, in 30 years, bought anything but Apple products. Not once.

So, based upon my purchases...y'all need to fire whoever is behind your analytics and database protocols.


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