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Behind the Curtain

ChefsWebAs I've been saying for years, we all want to get a glimpse behind the curtain. To experience sound check. To get into the belly of a stadium. To witness a chef create magic in the kitchen.

That's where the true value of a destination experience lives...and could be a significant revenue center for those smart enough to realize the opportunity.

Naturally, it's Las Vegas where this is finally playing out, as hotels and restaurants are inviting visitors behind the curtain for the experience of their life.

The Wynn Las Vegas is placing their professional staff in a position to share their skills with guests. The Master Class lineup includes lessons on pasta making with the man who cooked for Frank Sinatra, DJing with resident DJ Clutch, mixology and bar culture and selfie-ready hair and makeup taught by a stylist at the Encore Spa. 

Michael Weaver, the Wynn's SVP of marketing and communications believes that "guests are becoming more interested in experiencing things themselves instead of looking at things."

And, it's not just the Wynn, as this story in Travel Weekly showcases

Yeah...I get that you're not Vegas. But, these tactics are scalable down to the smallest destinations if you are creative enough to think bigger.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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