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Boldly Going

IOTD_HTGIndianaLogo_angle_CorporateBlueGoldThe State of Indiana has never meaningfully invested in promoting itself as a destination...which always struck me as odd. After all, they border a State that does...and continues to enjoy national recognition from one of the most successful tourism campaigns in history. One would think that the competitive juices would flow a bit more abundantly.

But, no. Indiana invents less than $5 million a year to invite visitors, investors and potential residents to consider their sensational destination. A head-scratcher, to be sure.

So, imagine my surprise when the Indiana House of Representatives voted 91-0 to create a new quasi-governmental agency to replace the State's Tourism Office. A unanimous vote to do something different from a legislature that hasn't, historically, been able to spell tourism? Stunning.

The bill doesn't allocate more revenue (naturally) but could open the way for the new agency to develop new revenue streams.

My only question: Was it a unanimous vote because the concept is brilliant...or because the House is tired of being accused of not understanding the crucial importance of destination marketing on a State's economy and just wanted to wash its hands of the whole affair? 

Here's hoping it's the former.



Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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