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Brilliance for the Holidays

RysanRyan Hamilton is both an amazing talent and an astute marketer. 

Along with his band the Traitors, this international talent has done something that may not be new...but certainly captured my attention.

For $30US, he'll perform a personalized concert of 10 of his songs. And, yes...truly personalized with individualized comments between songs. And, one of his tracks is one of our faves.

Wow...what a concept for performers that have a loyal local following. But, also for DMOs, as an amazing holiday gift for clients.

Imagine sending a CD to a client that extols the virtues of your destination...but also offers a taste of the talent they'll experience when they bring their group to town.

Probably too late for this year...but, definitely a thought for next year.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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