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OlivesIt was around mid-day that I got an e-mail from a DMO pro that posed an interesting question regarding yesterday's post.

He said, you're talking to smaller destinations...but you're using larger city examples. Got any for us little guys?


But, let's break this down. Nothing that the bigs do can't be replicated in a smaller community. People often claim money is the issue for not being able to do something...but money is never the issue if it's important enough to the community. If it's important, the money will always be found.

So, to my friend and his peers, let's start with that. Can you make the case to the City that a vibrant Nighttime Economy will spur economic and residential growth? Then, the City should invest revenue to make that happen. It is, after all, economic development. And, what City can argue with that?

But, I hear you. City leaders often aren't that sophisticated. Now what?

May I suggest that, if you're dedicating resources to content creation and industry partner relations, you're already halfway there. Because, if you already have boots on the ground, connecting with your nighttime economy is a simple adaptation of a work shift. As I said to my CEO friend, dedicate one day to working 2 to 10. Meet the people that are making the nighttime economy hum. Capture and post soundcheck from a band. Grab and post photos or videos from restaurant kitchens as they work their magic. The people who's job it is to know the destination should know it more than 8-5.

You've got this.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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