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Cover the Progress

PrIt's one of the banes of our existence as Destination Marketers. We promote great brands and experiences. And a hurricane, tornado, flood (fill in the blank) occurs. And, then the "Jim Cantore Effect" descends upon our community. The reality that the national media arrive, showcase the carnage...and then leave, with no intention of coming back to report on the recovery. Thus, consumers believe destinations to be off the board far longer than they are. And far longer than they need to be.

Puerto Rico suffered just such a devastating blow almost a year ago. And after an embarrassing lack of aid from the Federal Government and hours upon hours of coverage of the devastation...most Americans are still leery of a vacation there. And, they so shouldn't be. I was in San Juan last December and could find few examples of a city not ready to welcome the world.

To be sure, the more rural areas were still struggling...but, they are now mostly back. And, none more sensationally than Punta Santiago...the site of the iconic SOS image painted on their street.

Today...there's a different message from the air. And Discover Puerto Rico (the island's brand new DMO) was bold enough to tell that story.

200 views on Monday. 7,500 by Wednesday. Yeah...this is going viral.

Share the story and demand #CoverTheProgress.


Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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