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David Burke

David-Burke-2-e1535760737780-719x720It's been years since we last spoke...but I never thought that last time would be.

David Burke, the long-time GM of the Breakers Palm Beach died unexpectedly last week. In a world of hospitality professionals who are generally nicer than the general population, David was one of a handful of tourism executives that stood out among a crowded field. I always looked forward to our time together when our careers connected us...and I'll now, once again, not be able to tell someone how much they meant to me.

And to so many others. To whit...this quote from his obit in Smart Meetings

“The first day on the job your orientation class, first thing is you do a half-day of community service,” he said. “It’s all about ingratiating yourself into the community and doing what’s right. It’s so much fun working for a company that can do the right thing all the time.”

Yeah...we lost a huge heart.

Rest, David. And, we are all better for the way you lived your life.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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