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Drafting Tomorrow’s Top Talent

NddOne of the most frequent complaints I hear from the Boards with which I work is the difficulty they seem to experience when trying to recruit new Board members. I hear that the talent pool just isn't out there anymore. The best people are already overcommitted, they'll say. Or, they'll blame the dearth of candidates on an increasing lack of interest by young professionals to serve.

I often respond by suggesting that they haven't tossed their net wide enough...which puts us both in the awkward position of figuring out just how to do that. It's like trying to actively find entrepreneurs to start independent, experiential businesses for our destinations. It's not like there are large trade shows where these first-timers congregate. So, how do you find them?

A CEO if a Healthcare and Social Services nonprofit in Madison thinks he has an answer. What if you threw that net across the entire region through Social Media and great PR. But, not just for one nonprofit...for 30. And, then you throw your own version of the NFL Draft.

That's exactly what Kevin Dwyer has done with the help of a team of educators, consultants, creatives and disruptors and sponsorships from Edgewood College and a number of small businesses in the area. It's called Non-Profit Draft Day and it's coming up on January 20th.

34 volunteers have already registered, with twice that expected by Draft Day. As I perused the resumes online, I had to admit I was impressed. And, I don't know a single one of them. But, that certainly wouldn't stop me from drafting any number of them, if I had a nonprofit.

The answer to a lot of dilemmas lies in the fact that we often don't think big enough. Don't wrestle with how you're going to fill your Board roster. Think about how you can partner with others to fill all your seats with top talent from the next generation of innovators and disruptors.

I absolutely love this idea.




Bill Geist

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