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Dumb and Dumber

KlSnJzeCAs we continue to watch machinations of a bunch of bat shit crazies attempting to throttle Florida's economy, we are continually amused (but no longer amazed) by the stuff that come out of people's mouths.

Part of this is the 24/7 news beast that requires comment (not fact) to keep things interesting. But that doesn't qualify these nutjobs to get quoted.

I once asked the editor of one of our local newspapers if he would print an article in which I claimed to have a cure for cancer. When he said "no," I asked why he printed the insane rant of someone that clearly wasn't connected to reality.

Gotta present both sides, he said.

Rubbish. We need the media to present rationale thought.

So, here's one from the shitshow in Florida. And, naturally, it comes from "Americans for Prosperity Florida."

“We want people to continue to come to the state,” said Andres Malave, the group’s spokesman. “Before Visit Florida existed, Florida was a hotbed for tourism, and it’s going to continue to be a hotbed for tourism because of the all the great infrastructure we have, our low tax base and people want to come to the state of Florida and continue to visit.”

Again, let's break this insanity down.

Yes, Florida was a great destination before Visit Florida. But, people go where they are invited. And, you're no longer the default destination. As part of a DMOvizion project, we recently asked three focus groups in Toronto to name their favorite beach destinations. Florida wasn't mentioned once. 

Every other destination in the country sees what you've done in Florida...and they want some. So, California (which also has Disney and great weather) is spending $100 million to convince me to visit. If I don't hear a compelling reason otherwise, where do you think I'll go next year?

Hey, Andres? If y'all are successful in this witch hunt to get Visit Florida defunded...please let us know where we can find you in a year or so when voters start losing their jobs because visitor spending declines in your wake. I'm sure they'd all like to convey their heartfelt thanks.


Bill Geist

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