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Fear v. Fascination

SpiderWith the exception of one of my daughters, I don't think I've ever known someone as freaked out by spiders as the person with whom I live this blessed life.

My daughter came by her phobia understandably, having been in a kayak when an egg sac burst, propelling hundreds of babies all over her legs while we were off the coast of Maine. But Terri? I'm still not sure where that comes from.

Yet, I am often dispatched to kill the tiniest of creatures that unfortunately (for them) creep into our abode.

Except for this guy.

We've watched this monster build a sensationally cool circular web over the past few weeks in one of our windows. Watched her grow larger and larger.

And, she's absolutely fascinated. She's bummed when she isn't in the window. She's sending pictures to friends and family.

I get that the glass between us provides a sense of security...kinda like at the zoo.

But, I think it's the sheer beauty of this creature that pulls her closer. Run of the mill spiders may be creepy. But, this is different. 

And, as winter creeps closer, there is the growing concern that this creature may not survive to amaze us next year (although many can).

There's no real point to this post...other than the simple appreciation of nature. And Terri's fascination with a spider.


Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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