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Fly, Don’t Drive

TravairportAs Terri and I drove back from another out-of-town New Year's Eve excursion (have I mentioned that Madison doesn't do NYE very well?), we clicked through all the "fails" from the night before (I guess, like being President, this NYE stuff is hard).

Then, we agreed to focus on all the cool stuff we had seen in 2017. And, while the past 365 was a terrible, horrible, no good bad year on virtually every front, we couldn't help reminding each other of the really cool people we met and worked with and the fun little touches that make a pedestrian destination experience one to remember.

One that I shared during the ride back was our recent passages through the Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City MI. There is so much to love about this small town airport (besides that fact that they maintain what is believed to be the only Wildlife Control K-9 in the country). There's also the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired design, sensationally comfortable chairs...and an address that cracks me up every time I drive in or out of the Airport:

727 Fly Don't Drive.




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