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Free Agency for DMOs?

NFL-FAI can't remember a more interesting day for the NFL, Stupor Bowls included. It's Free Agency...a moment in time when unsigned and unprotected NFL players can deal with any team in the league.

Minnesota started this morning off with three pretty good Quarterbacks in their stable. They made a deal with a QB they think is even better. Their three existing (now former) QBs quickly made deals with three other teams. And that's just the action in the ranks of Quarterbacks. Scores of running backs, receivers and other players are making deals in numbers that should keep Sportscenter on the air for 3 hours tonight.

But, it got me thinking. What if there was such a thing as Free Agency for Destination Marketing Organizations? A brief moment each year when DMOs could poach the best and the brightest from other DMOs?

One one hand, our superstars would get paid a whole helluva lot more (think we could negotiate guaranteed contracts like Kirk Cousins?). On another, we'd certainly see just how much a vibrant visitor economy means to community leaders when bidding wars break out over top talent.

Would that mean we'd all need agents?

Just a thought...

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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