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Getting Your Start in Hospitality

FacesIt's National Travel & Tourism Week in the United States, a time that those of us in Destination Marketing honor the people who create memories everyday. We take time to attempt to explain the impact travel and tourism has on an economy and quality of life to our community leaders. And, we hope to encourage people to join us in one of the most meaningful professions in the world.

I'll be keynoting the annual NTTW Luncheon at the South Shore IN CVA later today (and getting to spend time with my friend Spero Batistatos on stage). One of my first memories of Spero was his winning entry from an Idea Fair sponsored by our trade association. It was a full page ad that featured "then and now" pictures of people from the South Shore that had started in hospitality in their teens and had risen to fairly prominent positions throughout the community.

The double entendre headline was "We Promote Like No One Else." "We Promote," as in Destination Marketers promote our regions and "We Promote," as in no industry promotes workers into management faster than hospitality.

A couple decades later, Spero's DMO is again featuring how people in the South Shore got their start in Tourism...this time with skillfully produced videos from a Mayor, a Poker Dealer, a Brewmaster and 11 others from throughout the region (including Spero).

Well played, my friend. And here's to the industry we love!

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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