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Happy 70th, Sam

1200px-SammyHagarWhen he burst on the rock scene in 1974 as the lead vocalist of Montrose, he was billed as Sam Hagar. Today, not unlike Bono, Sting and Pink, one only needs to say "Sammy," and everyone knows who we're talking about.

And, he turns 70 today. 

I get that Jagger, Dylan and McCartney are over 70...but, they don't stomp on terra firma. Sammy still does...and still hits all the notes.

We saw him a few weeks ago at the new Irving Music Factory and couldn't have rocked harder.

To celebrate the Red Rocker's 70th on this Music Friday, we offer up 7 to build your Weekend Playlist:

The one that made him an international star.

One of the earliest videos of Sam up front in 1974.

The pivot from rocker to party master.

One of his first and hardest, redone with Michael Anthony and Tommy Lee.


When the Van Hagar Germ was Sowed.

A Van Halen Classic.

And, one of my non-hit faves to pump us all up.

Happy 70th, Sam. You rock.


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