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Hey, Chattanooga?

Chattanooga-copy-n9b5bafmnkqry1ghvo5licwqzwnk2jgd40ax231szkHey, Chattanooga?

In the ongoing saga surrounding your Destination Marketing Organization, one of your local papers recently printed an op-ed piece that commended the County for forcing the CVB to adhere to County spending guidelines.

"For the commissioners that voted to protect the public tax dollars, you get an A plus in elected representation." get an F. These are not "public tax dollars." They are revenues derived from visitors spending the night in area hotels; a tax levied specifically to fund the local Destination Marketing Organization to market the community because local taxpayers are too unsophisticated to understand the importance of such an initiative and support the use of General Fund revenues for such marketing.

You get an F because you've allowed public leaders to play the innuendo card and stoke the flames of citizen envy without honestly asking why some facets of a Destination Marketing Organization need to stay private.

You get an F because I don't see you applying the same type of rigorous review to any of the other contracts you hold with contractors, road builders, plumbers, etc. that do work for which you contract.

When we are out on the road speaking and consulting, we hold the Chattanooga CVB up as one of the best-in-class DMOs in the nation. And, we have never worked for your DMO. We're just big fans.

How do y'all not get this?

Oh, yeah...your media smells a story it can milk.

Sad, really.

Especially for such a great destination that will now be handcuffed in its efforts to enhance your Quality of Life.

C'est la vie.


Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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