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Hey MTV? It’s Time to Come Back Home

MTV-LogoWhile current fans of MTV may counter that the network's format is awesome, it's a far cry from the must-watch TV that it was in the '80s.

That was when the channel was exclusively focused on (care to guess?) Music Videos. It's where people went to experience (not just hear) the latest music being produced by the coolest artists. One shudders to think about the performers that would have never been heard without MTV. It was a truly revolutionary medium.

Today, it's a mish-mash of Reality TV shows that pander to the lowest common denominator. And, with the exception of last quarter, the network has seen its ratings decline consistently over the past 6 years.

It will probably require a new channel (so tarnished is the brand of MTV)...but new research certainly points to a retro movement of Gen Z in their thirst for finding new music.

It's Video (duh!). 73% of teens say that Music Videos are the best way to find and experience new music. And, that Music is best found on YouTube.

What TV Network will step forward and capture the zeitgeist with Music Video? 


Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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