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It Was 25 Years Ago

Fran-Puleo-Robert_Farrell_Exterior-Monona-TerraceI'm usually better than this with anniversaries. Maybe it's another sign that I really need to slow down.

November 3rd was the 25th Anniversary of the day that changed Madison forever. It was also the day that would ultimately define and direct my professional life. It was the day that a rag-tag group of community champions beat all the odds and convinced the citizens of Madison to vote to do something sensational for their community: to build a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Convention Center which would transform the City's Downtown.

I'm somewhat bemused that Madison Media didn't take any notice (they're so, so good at anniversaries of truly meaningful blizzards and tornadoes, after all). Not that it was a defining moment in my life...that it was a defining moment in my community's life.

But, that's just me. 

Thanks to George Nelson and all those that gave me the gift of being a part of the most sensational moment in this city's post-1900 history.

Madison? Feel free to celebrate this month as the one that, 25 years ago, opened the door to your sensational future in any way you deem appropriate.

Me? I think a celebratory cigar is in order.



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