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It Was Just a Matter of Time

FbAll the online platforms have spent years poking around the travel space, trying to find a way to monetize what it is that Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) do...connect consumers to experience.

The next step forward is the most promising to date (and, for DMOs, the most challenging). Facebook has very quietly rolled out the prototype of an app called "City Guides" that uses the cities, locales and attractions with which its users have experiences to tell the story of the destination.

You'll have to go to the "More" option to find City Guides...but, once in, you'll discover a limited, starter group of destinations. Within each one, you'll find your Facebook friends that have checked in or been party to a group that has visited an attraction, hotel or restaurant/nightspot.

Let's be real clear here. That a friend has been to a restaurant or nightspot in a destination you are considering is way more influential than an anonymous DMO's lists of options.

I don't have an answer...yet. But, DMOs need to view this most recent salvo critically. Because, just as they lost hotel choice to TripAdvisor and restaurant choice to Yelp...this is the next step in the disintermediation of what DMOs have traditionally done.




Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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