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Kinda Backwards...but Close

JakeIt's always with an attempt at a suppressed chuckle that I listen to public officials proclaim a statement that is either patently false or totally backwards, smug in the knowledge that a) they are right or b) they know they won't get challenged.

This week's winner comes from Allegany County MD Commission President Jake Shade (who, in all fairness, has a way cool name), who wants to move the destination marketing function there under economic development.

“When you have it under economic development, tourism and economic development can work much closer together,” he said. “If Allegany County is a great place to visit, how do we get them to the next stage of locating here or opening a business?”

So close...but I get to keep the cigar, my good man.

Let's examine more closely the second sentence. If it's a great place to do we get them to invest?

Thus, wouldn't it stand to reason that economic development should be a subset of destination marketing, since that's the bigger mission?

C'mon. You know I'm right.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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