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Lemme Get This Straight...

EmpaA recent Ozy post featured a bakery that I have been in lust with since the day I moved to Madison. Their empanadas were (forgive the cliche) to die for.

But, they were a pain in the ass to make. So, Stella's pivoted and dumped the cheese filling that made the empanadas so delectable into some white Vienna bread dough. And Madisonians went bat shit crazy.

If you've never been, Madison hosts one of the best Farmer's Markets in the nation every Saturday morning during the season around its incredible Capitol Square. Stella's has been a fixture there for decades, along side over 250 other local vendors.

They sell 2,000 loaves every Saturday at $12 a pop. That's $24,000 gross a week times roughly 28 weeks. 

That's $672,000 a season. And, the season is just a part of their business, as they do mail-order and are the go-to bread purveyors for some of Madison's top restaurants and retailers.

I understand all too well that the Farmers Market number alone is before expenses...but, still.

I totally missed the boat when it came to career planning...




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