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Magic Max

Max-carlHe was coming off an elevator at ATL yesterday afternoon as I was hoping in. One of those "can't be" moments. I turned...and said, "Max?"

Which, I think, surprised us both, as we've never met. It's been over 20 years since I saw him perform live...and, Max Carl isn't exactly a household name. But, I know you've heard his kick-ass voice.

My first introduction to this rare talent was when he fronted a bunch of L.A.s finest session musicians in a local favorite called Jack Mack and the Heart Attack in the early '80s. While my radio station played the daylights out of the album, it never really made much of a dent and Max moved on to other projects. After working with a veritable who's who of musicians on albums and movie soundtracks, he joined .38 Special for a turn and today is fronting Grand Funk Railroad.

With a voice as big as Nebraska, our Music Friday pick today offers up linked tracks from all 3 bands (see above)...and this soundtrack gem, the title track to the teen angst movie Tuff Turf starring James Spader and Robert Downey, Jr.

He's playing with GFR tonight in Hot Springs. Go.

Bill Geist

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