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More Sunlight

SunThis should be interesting. Of all the batshit crazy ideas coming out of the Florida Legislature this year, one bears some further examination: Making Daylight Savings Time permanent year 'round.

Before "Standard Time" there was "Solar Time" (the time based on the position of the sun) to maximize America's agrarian society's output (and compensate for the lack of electricity and lighting). "Standard Time" was created to regulate railroad schedules (at one time, the railroads juggled 300 local time zones). And, then, "Daylight Savings Time" was created to give Americans more daylight for after-work pursuits in the summer.

There are studies that the economy improves and utility costs decrease during Daylight Savings Time, even when considering extraneous factors. Tourism interests say that winter business wouldn't drop as precipitously if the sun didn't set so early. The only rational objection I've heard is from parents not wanting to send their kids to school in the pitch dark. But, of course, we know today that we shouldn't be forcing them awake that early anyway.

Like I said...this should get interesting.


Bill Geist

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