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No GoGo Fo’ Yo’

W_D1L20b_400x400A recent Skift article suggested that GoGo has too much bandwidth on some flights.

In what alternative universe can this possibly be true? I have never scored a GoGo signal that could even pass for dial-up (look it up) when trying to connect to the internet onboard domestic flights to here and there.

But, executives at Gogo recently announced they were sending more bandwidth to some aircraft than passengers could consume. Yeah…on 35 Delta jets. To be fair, they say that this “bandwidth abundance” will be available on 600 planes by year’s end.

But, here’s the laugher. Gogo hasn’t been marketing its current service very aggressively because “they didn’t want too many passengers to log on” and discover how horrible the service is.

I get that new technologies need to be tested and that initial speeds would invariably be slower that desired. But, when Delta flight attendants have been breathlessly proclaiming how they know how important being connected is for the past year or so, that’s not exactly “not marketing” the service.

From a brand standpoint, GoGo has taught me that “WiFi” means “dial-up.” Thus, 2KU will likely equal “bad cable.”

Not good.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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