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Not Quite Midwest Express...But Closer

I-1447978708548_955_hdWe all have our favorite airlines. Mine is Delta.

It starts with having the most flights out of MSN on the largest planes. That means I get upgraded more often because I fly them the most.

But, it goes beyond that. Delta gate agents are, hands down, less likely to lie to customers when something goes wrong than any other airline in this country. I've only caught them in one lie in the past five years and, though it resulted in me driving home from Atlanta rather than Roanoke (which would have been closer), I get that it was a weird day (the ATC fire in Chicago) and they were probably doing the best they could. Yeah...bless their heart.

But, now comes word that they are ordering a bunch of new jets with a 2x3 configuration to eliminate the number of middle seats on key business-travel routes. Oh, hell yeah. That's like almost affirming that Midwest Express was right. 

Wanna double down, Delta? Bring back the Cookie.


Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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