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Now it’s Getting Serious

BeerBlogAs the U.S. Government shutdown moves into record-breaking territory during a philosophical pissing match between petulant children that somehow convinced a majority of voters that they were sane and responsible adults, the fallout is beginning to produce dire consequences for American business.

Both sides should be ashamed that the federal workers that look to them for their livelihood are working (or not) without pay. That should be enough for the best and brightest among them to say "screw it" and look for work in the private sector. I know I would.

The shutdown is also costing the U.S. Economy billions. Small businesses are particularly at risk. But, nobody seems to care.

But, now comes word that craft brewers are being forced to sit on new beers because the federal government has to approve all new labels before the brews are available to the public. And, that department has been deemed non-essential and shuttered for the duration.


In whose world?

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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