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Organic v. Organic

100622175510_1_540x360I gotta be somewhat careful here, as there are members of my extended family that feel passionately about organic and vegan options for their lifestyle. And, I'm good with that. I've made several shifts in my consumption to be more vegan as a result of their recommendations. All good...and thank you.

But, let's be clear. Organic is stuff that isn't rock. That the word is supposed to convey other meanings is a challenge. And, it's one being dealt with the Bareburger chain.

Bareburger has long claimed to be organic...but a recent challenge from a customer has rocked the company. Apparently, some of the meat served there is 80% organic. And the mayo and tomatoes weren't. But...restaurants aren't held to the same standards as other companies when it comes to just how organic is organic.

But, here's the classic bit from this story. Another restaurant that built its trade on being organic says they have no interest to be certified as such. “It is our own transparency and integrity that makes us organic, and not someone that puts the label,” Vladimir Grinberg said. “I don’t think the government knows more about food than we do.”

True dat.


Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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