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Our Values Can’t Be for Sale

E1ba0f8e4aa70fa149bbf9f771811d30A little over a year ago, Delta Airlines rescinded its group discounts to members of the NRA. According to CEO Ed Bastain, the moves were not a political statement in the aftermath of the Parkland shootings. Instead, he said it was in response to divisive comments made by the NRA in the aftermath of that horrific tragedy.

Shortly after Delta announced that it was cutting ties with the NRA, the Georgia legislature axed an exemption that would cost the airline $40 million in taxes. Bastian responded that Delta's brand “is worth so much more.” He went on to say that the company’s “values are not for sale.”

Wow. As with yesterday's post, doing the right thing by brands can often solidify the promise for their best customers. While some said they would boycott the airline, Bastain said the negative press was brief and that Georgia ultimately reinstated the tax exemptions when the furor abated.

Interesting article that goes deeper from The Points Guy.



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