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Owning and Flipping Adversity

StockI've always been fascinated that Forbes magazine feels the need to ridicule some municipalities as being among the most "miserable" in America. Why a publication that generally highlights the "best" in business lowers itself like this is a mystery...but, the sting of being named to that list caused the Rockford Area CVB to punch back with an inspired video a few years ago.

And, the team at Visit Stockton has recently launched a bold and defiant campaign for its destination. Themed #StocktonTrue, the campaign owns the city’s past adversity and lets people know, despite the negative perception of the region, Stockton is on the rise.

According to Visit Stockton CEO Wes Rhea, “every city has challenges, but it is what you do in the face of those challenges that matters. We have chosen to positively react to those who try to bring us down with what they say. Stocktonians are creative, resilient and have pride for their city. The #StocktonTrue campaign embodies who we are.”

The daring new campaign has just launched, placing negative reviews the city has received front and center with impactful imagery that defies the preconceived notions some still hold about Stockton. Check it out here.

#StocktonTrue, indeed.

Kudos to Wes and his team...



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