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Play the Broca Card

Broca's_area_-_lateral_viewPretty much all of the news we endure sucks. With the exception of birthday greetings and videos of kids and puppies, pretty much everything on Facebook is either shrill or showing off (which is why a recent study revealed that 43% of us feel worse after viewing our feed). As Tom Petty famously sang, "Quit Jammin' Me."

Which is why a recent post from our friends at 26 Digital resonated with us so completely. Destination Marketers are in the "good news" business. And, whether tomorrow's media managers will be smart enough to up their game to remain relevant or not, we have the opportunity to be the content generators of positivity.

Broca's Area is a part of the human brain that controls (and processes) speech. It has been shown to cause the listener to discount the expected and gravitate to the unexpected.

Good (and new) news is what we do. Broca's is attracted to new.

I think you know what to do...

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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