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Rethinking Trade Show Strategies

ShakehandI had the distinct pleasure to hang with a DMO Board this morning in Chicago...the day after many of them walked the floor at ASAE, often called the Super Bowl of Meetings and Conventions oriented Trade Shows. As one could imagine, this was the first time many have ever experienced such an event...and I asked what their primary takeaway was.

With as much one-upmanship technology and swag that is on display at the show, one shouldn't be surprised if the glitz was what turned heads. But it wasn't.

The first-timers came away pointing to the booths in which the destination representatives actively engaged in conversation with them. Yeah...pure old-time salespersonship (which, as Jack Carroll once wrote "is the absence of salesmanship - characterized by a quiet, relaxed, well-prepared salesperson who forgets every aspect of technique and just listens and reacts in real time").

Just people who love their town encouraging those passing by to consider a visit. Even from a 10x10 booth.

As one Board member opined, "I was surprised at how competitive it was out there on the floor...because any size budget can compete if they have the right personnel out front."




Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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