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Rockers Running

Wild21While there have been a few Rockers that have run for public office (John Hall comes to mind), most artists have preferred to opine through their craft than actually serve in State or Federal Legislatures.

Enter Kid Rock's suggestion that he may well run for the U.S. Senate...and the media begins to debate legitimacy and possibility. 

Let's take the latter concept first. Possible? Hell yes, as the Kid has significantly greater name recognition than any opponent he would face.

Legitimacy? While he came from privilege...he lived a life on the streets as a teen and, thus, can represent several life stages of his constituents. Probably more legitimate than the sitting President, n'est-ce pas?

As the whole Kid Rock story began to grow legs, I thought of a '60s counter-culture movie called Wild in the Streets (starring Christopher Jones, Richard Pryor, Shelley Winters and Hal Holbrook) in which a rock star runs for President...and wins.

It was a dark comedy then (and, yes, a totally B movie). But, it is so utterly possible today. And, it is so worth watching this amazing time capsule of an era in which we were just as divided.

So...what rocker should run against Trump in 2020?

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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