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UrlToday is the National Day of Silence in Bali. Honestly. No one speaks. All day. Really.

Called Nyepi, this Hindu celebration calls for a day of silence and is intended as a time for self-reflection. There is to be no work, entertainment or travel (flights do not take off or land, cars are not permitted on the streets) and the TV station even shuts down (sounds like heaven 'eh?).

Which one would think would be a challenge for the travel and hospitality sector. But, for sophisticated travelers who want to immerse themselves in an ancient culture that has managed to preserve such fascinating rituals, this is the reason to visit in what is normally considered a shoulder season there.

From the CNBC story: "It's fascinating that an island of 4.5 million people can shut down for 24 hours," Marian Carroll, director of public relations at Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay told CNBC, adding that it should be on every visitor's bucket list. "It takes a huge amount of coordination and discipline. Only the Balinese could pull it off!"

True 'dat. Could you imagine Americans shutting their pie holes for an hour, much less a day?

Though we certainly should.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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