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Still Got It

TjI'm thinking that you had to live through (or be a fan of) '60s music to understand what a freaking treat it is to see Tom Jones in concert.

We did earlier this week at the sensational Toyota Music Factory in Irving TX. And to say "Mind Blown" is an understatement.

He may not, at days shy of 78, have the moves for which he was once known.

But...who cares? He still has The Voice. The shake the paint-off-the-wall, booming, catch-at-the-perfect-moment-snarl-at-the-other Voice. Without losing a step. Not one.

Don't believe me? Check out this performance on the Voice UK earlier this year on this Music Friday.

The closest online version of the show we saw is here (but the mix on his vocal sucks).

Pretty sure the blue hairs in the crowd wondered what they had wandered into with the hard-rockin' open.

But the funniest moment of the evening came when a 30-something usher leaned over my shoulder during "What's New Pussycat" and said, "really?"

I nodded and said, "it was a different time." As we walked out, she was beaming, having seen a legend rock terra firma.

He's on the West Coast this next week before heading back to Europe for the Summer.



Photo credit: The Amazing Terri


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