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Take Carra Yourself

In-Memory-of-Jim-CarraGregarious. That's how I'll always remember Jim Carra. As his partner in Searchwide (the Destination Marketing sector's premier executive search firm), Mike Gamble said of him, "he had a laugh straight from Italy."

I remember how shocked Terri and I (and, indeed the entire DMO world) were that morning last October when we heard that he had departed terra firma. We had shared laughs on a trade show floor just weeks before. We'd traded calls and intel countless times. This man with a heart the size of Texas, gone? It was tough to fathom.

My friend Stu Levitan often invokes the Hebrew honorific, "may his memory be for a blessing," when referring to the dearly departed. And, Jim's memory will be with those of us that attend Destination Marketing Association International events in the future. Starting with this summer's annual convention, Searchwide and DMAI are teaming up for a health and wellness program called ”Take Carra Yourself.” Featured sessions will include yoga, healthy cooking and health screenings. 

Well we were all blessed to call him friend. And, we'll now honor his memory together...

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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