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The Agenda Driven Board Member

6a00d83451b69969e201b7c90b441a970b-150wiI am fascinated by the effort exerted by individuals and appointing governments to place certain people on DMO Boards. Because, 9 times out of 10, that means the appointer has an agenda. And most agendas do not belong on DMO Boards.

The exception, of course, is an individual with a keen vision for the destination that they believe can be realized through collaborative conversation with like minded people on a Board dedicated to moving a community forward. I talked with such an individual a couple weeks ago as we commiserated over what had transpired with his former Board over the past year. Since he termed out, the Board had grown spineless and special interests had flared. 

And, an accomplished DMO pro was out.

All because someone thought that they should call the shot on how the community should be marketed. Never mind the fact that the CEO was a Certified Destination Marketing Executive (and he was not). Never mind that she had over two decades of experience in marketing destinations (and he did not). He was the Chair...and that imbued this part-time amateur (for, as noted in Race for Relevance, that is what the majority of Board Members are) with the belief that he knew more than the professionals.

DMO Boards do not exist to direct the marketing of the destination. They exist to advance the Organization and the Destination. If you want to influence the marketing of the should be on the Advisory Marketing Committee.

So you don't inadvertently fuck up a good thing.

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Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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