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The Alternate Reality

AltkirkFor Star Trek fans, The Mirror Universe is a universal favorite. In it, the Starship Enterprise comes face to face with an alternative universe in which their Kirk and Spock are evil, hell-bent on universal domination. White is black, up is down...the mirror universe is the polar opposite of the Federation we all know and love.

That episode came to mind when I read what could have been an April Fool's article, but isn't, from Humboldt County CA. In many destinations in which pot has been legalized, local officials and business leaders have encouraged their DMO to refrain from actively promoting the cannabis industry. Not Humboldt County.

After completing his annual marketing presentation to the County Board, DMO CEO Tony Smithers recently faced a series of questions and criticisms for not including the promotion of cannabis in this year's campaign. And for not having someone from the cannabis industry on his Board!

What a short strange trip it's been...

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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