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The Consequence

Hopper-logoSeveral years ago, we opined on the unintended consequence of the things that come out of our elected officials' mouths.

Before he became this country's greatest Tourism President since Eisenhower (though that was never Ike's intent), Barack Obama chastised corporations for staging conventions in Vegas, Orlando and Hawaii in the wake of some high profile conventions exposed for over the top spending. The result: millions in lost conventions and thousands of jobs sacrificed.

Of course, Obama soon learned the importance of the visitor economy after this gaffe and green-lighted BrandUSA.

Now, a President that one would think would know better (he is, after all, a hospitality industry entrepreneur) announces that visitors from certain countries are not welcome. And, the result? Online search for options to travel to America has decreased across virtually the entire world (but, interestingly, not Russia).

A study by travel company Hopper discovered that international search demand for flights to the U.S. was down 17 percent after the President announced the travel ban compared with the week before his inauguration.

The unintended consequence, indeed.



Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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