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The Distracted, Forgetful, Not Very Smart Consumer

AngryIt's not uncommon in our work with destinations across the Americas for local Stakeholders and Boards to be consumed by the bad news that seems to emanate from their communities. They are convinced that potential visitors will hear of the terrible, horrible (fill in the blank) and cross the destination off their list.

With the possible exception of Bermuda, which saw some 3,000 cancellations after Hurricane Irma decimated Barbuda (honestly, can people really be so geographically challenged?), bad news doesn't seem to register with many consumers. And, if it does, it doesn't stick.

A recent study by Destination Analysts reveals that "travelers’ memories are short, and people intuitively understand that time heals wounds caused to a place."

As the marketers of our destinations, we need to realize that we are simply too close to our own reality to truly understand how few people are actually paying attention. Thus, we need to stay the course in our upbeat marketing of our communities...because most consumers are willing to listen.


Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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