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The Jackson 5

J5-dancing-machine-lpAs I've said before, there was a time when music was music...before the "bifurcation" of genres, as Lefsetz calls it. When it was perfectly acceptable to hear the Stones, Glen Campbell, Abba and the Jackson 5 in the same set on rock radio in the '70s.

Especially when the Jackson 5 went from being a pop group to a rock group with the Dancing Machine album in 1974. Harmonies were richer, the guitar was grittier and the sound much more mature than in past outings. The brothers were growing up...but the follow-up LP would see them veer to disco as the lines were drawn between rock and dance. And, Jermaine and Michael would go their separate ways. And, Jermaine would do "When the Rain Begins to Fall."

The killer song on Dancing Machine was "I Am Love," essentially two songs in one. The ballad featuring Jermaine and the rocker highlighting Michael. This clip from the Cher Show is fun for the cameo from Janet and the way colorful fashion the guys wore.

But, if you want the full, studio version on this Music Friday, click here.

It was a time that everyone loved music...regardless of the needless genre distinctions we now employ.

I miss those times.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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