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The Lack of Protest

Protest-fist-2-colorsThe combination of rock and protest was pervasive during the '60s. Songs like "For What it's Worth," "Eve of Destruction," "Ohio," "Monster," "Shape of Things to Come" and "Fortunate Son" owned radio during those heady years.

The political songs of the '80s revolved more around the fear of war with the Soviet Union with songs like "Russians," "Shades of 45"and "Dangerous Moments."

In 2003, the Dixie Chicks (not exactly known for protest songs) started a firestorm of controversy with an onstage comment during a concert in London that they were ashamed that the sitting President of the United States was from Texas, just days before America invaded Iraq. For a time, radio refused to play them before they bounced back later in the decade.

Maybe I'm not listening to the right stations...but I'm hearing precious little musical pushback to the state of affairs in today's America. The songs exist...but they're not getting radio traction. Which is a shame.

And, it's why I love the Chicks even more for their pushback song on this Music Friday, "Not Ready to Make Nice."

And, going forward, let's all reflect on what this weekend in America should mean for all of us. And where we need to go next.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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