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The Rock Concert Video

SixxA staple when MTV (Music Television) actually played music, the Rock Concert Video was as close and as real as the genre ever got. And, for those without the means to score seats in the first 10 rows or get backstage, it was as close as some fans ever got.

To be sure, there were some sensational moments from performers such as Bon Jovi, Winger, Heart and Van Halen.

The genre of Rock Concert Video has produced precious little in the past few years...but Nicki Sixx has never strayed far from the magic. From the Crue's "Motherfucker of the Year" to Sixx A.M.'s "Stars," his videos continue to grab the viewer and not let go.

And, he's done it again. The last Sixx A.M. release before the band went on hiatus last year is "Prayers for the Blessed" and, on this Music Friday, we share one of the coolest concert videos in a long time.

It's "We Will Not Go Quietly."

And, we won't.


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